Duration: 10 nights/11 days

Estimated cost: $2,100 per person

Two words: Pack light--but pack it all. On this trip be ready to MOVE.
Peru has a little bit of everything and here's how to see it all (...or as much as you can in 11 days).  

Day 1:

  • Arrive into Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima, Peru) 

  • Head to your nearby accommodations for an overnight stay


Day 2:

  • Catch an early morning flight to Arequipa

  • Spend the day exploring Peru's second largest city

  • Turn in early to gear up for a full-day tour tomorrow


Day 3:

  • Pickup from your accommodations EARLY for 1 day tour of Cañón del Colca​, starting with some coca tea

  • Treat yourself to a delicious evening meal back in Arequipa

Day 4:

  • Take a later morning flight to the Incan capital of Cuzco

  • Spend the day exploring Cuzco (buy your entrance tickets to Machu Picchu today, if you haven't already)

Day 5:

  • Hop on a local bus to charming Ollantaytambo

  • Spend the day relaxing and wandering the village


Day 6:

  • Take an early morning train to Aguas Calientes

  • From Aguas Calientes, take a bus (or hike 1.5 hours up) to Machu Picchu

    • Plan for at least 3 hours​ to see the citadel

  • Return to Ollantaytambo for the night

Day 7:

  • Fly back to Cuzco for another day of exploring

Day 8:

  • Beeline for the Amazon on a short flight to Puerto Maldonado

  • Cozy up at one of the jungle lodges nearby

Day 9:

  • Spend the day exploring flora y fauna​​

Day 10:

  • Fly back to Lima and cap off your trip by exploring the city

Day 11:

  • Depart from Jorge Chávez International Airport (Lima, Peru)

*To be used as a visual aid--not an accurate representation.


  • Arequipa​​

    • Book your Cañón del Colca tour with the súper knowledgeable Miguel of AI Travel Tours

    • Treat yourself at Zig Zag Restaurant 

  • Machu Picchu: For this itinerary you need THREE tickets to get to Machu Picchu from Ollantaytambo and back.

    • 1 (roundtrip) for the train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes

    • 1 (roundtrip) for the bus from Aguas Calientes up to the citadel

    • 1 for the entrance to the citadel

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